Cody Staub, RN, CEN
Emergency Nurse

Work Experience

Special Programs Coordinator

2017 to present. Responsible for the trauma, stroke, cardiac, and sepsis programs for Kittitas Valley Healthcare.

About Me

Nursing is my PASSION
Improving lives is my PURPOSE
  • Board Certified in Emergency Nursing since 2014

  • Variety of experience in teaching courses and lecturing on various topics

  • I thrive on looking at data to discover opportunities and drive performance

  • Experience with many different EHRs, operating systems, registries, and reporting tools


  • I believe that every person deserves to receive the best care possible, regardless of who they are or where they live.
  • Every person has a different lived experience and lens through which they view the world.
  • Things can always better, and they can always be worse. My goal is to do what I can to make them better.

Projects & Committees